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Explore our exclusive range of bird rings.
Our bird rings offer more than just identification; they are a statement of commitment to the safety and welfare of your birds. Manufactured from high quality materials and designed with bird comfort and safety in mind, our bird rings provide a reliable method of tracking and protection. Whether you are a passionate breeder or simply a bird lover, our bird rings are the ideal choice for strengthening the bond with your feathered companions. 

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Why do Confobird rings?

CONFOBIRD S.L. Manufactures and distributes rings for all types of birds.
Elaborated under a thorough manufacturing and recorded process using an exclusive technique that maintains and unchanged the engraving over time.

Experts in bird ring

Confobird rings have a novel design adapted to the real demands of birdbill, especially characterized by the interior edges fully outlined in a conical form, which allow a faster and faster ringing. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art synthetic material and maximum quality, ultra-resistant, soft to the tact, hypoallergenic and with UVH ultraviolet protection that avoids degradation or loss of color by the sun. Confobird birds have a smaller height per piece, which facilitates the ringing. It is also remarkable lightness in weight, up to 50% lower than conventional rings (0.038 g. Per piece of 3 mm). Robotic laser engraving, low relief and maximum perfection, indelible and great readability. You can even choose the registration you want it to appear in your rings; The year, the serial number, a personalized text … what you ask us. If all this does not seem enough to choose the Confobird rings, you also have a simplified online store platform, which offers you different and safe payment forms and with a quick shipping system that guarantee delivery between 3 and 4 days , and even in 24 hours if you wish. We have the guarantee of working for the largest ornithology federations.

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